How the Healthcare Industry Can Become Better With Marketing

healthcare marketing

We have been asked as Healthcare marketing experts several times in the last year what can we do better as a healthcare professional. From OBGYNs in Glendale, AZ, OBGYN Surprise, AZdentists, plastic surgeons, Chiropractors, Morita,  Dallas, TX Dental Implants, Oral Surgeons in Dallas, Dentist in Plano, TXScottsdale Plastic Surgeons, and even blow dry bars. Anything related to health or beauty especially in the women’s healthcare niches they want to know how to get more patients.

To help our current roster of Healthcare clients and to garner new healthcare related clients we try to break it down very easily to help them understand better the fundamental thing about marketing first. And that is…


Where ever in their case patients are researching ailments, local resources, and have their eyeballs is where they need to be.

As an example Google, is a platform where millions of people search every second for things related to their health. So it makes sense for healthcare practitioners to make sure they have a presence on Google with their websites. This can be done with Search Engine Optimization and/or Google’s Adwords platform where you bid on a cost per click basis for relevant keywords to target customers searching for what they do without anyone in mind.

Secondly, they should be looking at social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is another way to spread online word of mouth, gain attention, and help their SEO of their website.

Lastly, they should be answering questions on sites like Quora, RealSelf, and other industry forums where patients are asking medical questions in their local area. This can show their expertise and how they willing to give back and add value to patients they might not even be able to see right away but can build a relationship with first online

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